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The best magnetic eyelash styles for almond, round, etc. eyes.

Les meilleurs styles de cils magnétiques pour les yeux en amande, ronds, etc.

Choosing the Perfect Magnetic Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

Find the Perfect Magnetic Eyelash Style for Your Eye Shape

Every eye shape is unique and deserves lashes that highlight it. Magnetic lashes, such as those offered by Luxycils , offer a variety of styles to enhance every look. Here's a guide to choosing the perfect magnetic eyelashes for your eye shape.

1. Almond Eyes

Almond eyes, often considered the ideal shape, have a beautiful natural curvature. To highlight them, opt for lashes that are longer on the outer edges, such as Luxycils Length Sublime effect magnetic lashes , to accentuate the elongated shape.

2. Round Eyes

For round, large eyes, the goal is to make them a little more elongated. Lashes that are evenly long across the entire eyelid, like Natural Effect Magnetic Lashes , are a great choice for adding definition while maintaining the natural roundness of your eyes.

3. Hooded Eyes

For eyes with a more prominent upper lid, choose lashes that add length rather than volume. Eyelashes with an accentuated curvature, like the Russian Volume effect magnetic eyelashes , can help open up the eyes.

4. Little Eyes

For small eyes, it is preferable to choose eyelashes that do not overpower your eyes. Shorter but dense lashes can add depth without being too overbearing.

5. Asian Eyes

For Asian eyes, which may be smaller and with a mono eyelid, it is important to choose eyelashes that open up the eyes. Lashes with a mix of lengths can add both definition and dimension.


Choosing the right style of magnetic eyelashes can make all the difference in your look. By taking into account the natural shape of your eyes and opting for magnetic eyelashes from Luxycils, you are guaranteed to have a captivating and perfectly highlighted look.