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Luxycils voted No. 1 in France

meilleurs cils magnétiques Luxy N°1 en France

Luxycils: Voted No. 1 for Magnetic False Eyelashes in France | Luxylashes

Luxycils: The Elite Reference for Magnetic False Eyelashes in France

The elegance and beauty of the eyes are defined by several criteria. Among these, eyelashes play a preponderant role. Today, we are highlighting Luxycils , voted number 1 in France for its exceptional magnetic false eyelashes.

An exemplary journey

In the world of magnetic eyelashes, not all brands are equal. While some focus on quantity, others, like Luxycils , favor quality. Its meteoric rise can be explained by several reasons:

  • Handmade products, guaranteeing a perfect finish.
  • A tailor-made design to suit all eye types.
  • A commitment to ethical values: vegan, cruelty-free, without chemicals.

The choice of the high end

Positioning yourself as a leader cannot be improvised. For Luxycils, this has been the result of hard work and a clear vision: to offer women the best false eyelashes. The brand quickly distinguished itself by:

  1. Incomparable durability.
  2. Unrivaled comfort, allowing them to be worn all day without discomfort.
  3. Easy to apply, even for novices.

A look that says a lot

The testimonies are numerous. Luxycils customers praise not only the quality of the products, but also the impact on their daily lives. A sublimated look, more intense and deeper, which enhances self-confidence.

Deserved rewards

Voted number 1 in France, Luxycils doesn't stop there. Every year, new challenges are met, new collections are created, all without ever compromising on quality. This recognition reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence.

And tomorrow ?

The future looks bright for Luxycils. With a growing community and consistently positive customer feedback, the brand is on track to consolidate its leading position. The watchword remains unchanged: quality, ethics and passion.

Join the magnetic eyelash revolution

If you haven't yet experienced Luxycils, it's high time to discover what makes it the number 1 choice in France. A world where beauty rhymes with quality awaits you.


Luxycils is not only a brand of false magnetic eyelashes, it is a real institution in France. Choosing Luxycils means opting for excellence, sustainability and ethics. And you, are you ready to enhance your look?

Discover the Luxycils magic and understand why it is the benchmark brand in France.