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What makeup to accompany your false magnetic eyelashes


False eyelashes are the perfect way to highlight your eyes. Here are some makeup tips to make you even more captivating.

Even out the complexion

A pretty foundation is the basis of any successful makeup. Apply it using a large brush, depending on your skin tone. Add a little golden shadow to the cheekbones to highlight the features of your face. Bet on eyeshadow In addition to making your false eyelashes easier to apply, eyeshadow will add depth to your eyes. Apply it with a brush, using a dark shadow at the crease of the eyelid and a lighter shadow under the brow bone. Then unite everything using small movements to obtain a gradient effect. You can also add a line of eye shadow under your eye using a fine brush to make it stand out.

Tip: Choose your eyeshadow color based on the color of your eyes. If brown eyes can get away with anything, green eyes will stand out better with dark eyeshadows while blue eyes will prefer warm tones.

Don't forget the eyeliner

Nothing like a delicate line of eyeliner to highlight your magnetic false eyelashes . Choose it waterproof for better hold and adapt the line according to the shape of your eyes.

Tip: You can also use mascara but be careful to select one specially made for false eyelashes (so as not to damage them). Discreetly outline your mouth Who says smoldering eyes, says discreet lipstick! To avoid overdoing your makeup, highlight your mouth using a lip pencil in natural shades. Add a little gloss for shine and you're done.