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Some tips for applying eye makeup


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so it is important to highlight them well. Here are some tips for top eye makeup.

-A radiant eye shadow

For an ultra-colorful eyelid, cover it with a layer of white pencil then apply your usual eye shadow. The color will be more vivid and tenacious.

-Long and full eyelashes

For ultra voluminous lashes, apply a little translucent powder between two coats of mascara. And for an even more glamorous effect, complete it all with magnetic false eyelashes . These apply easily without glue, for a doe look in the blink of an eye.

-A long-lasting mascara

Who has never had the unpleasant surprise of finding their mascara all dried up? To make it last longer, add a few drops of physiological serum. Also remember to clean your mascara brush regularly (by soaking it in hot water for five minutes) to prevent bacteria from nesting there.

-Makeup that doesn't run

Nothing worse than runny makeup at the end of the day! To deal with this little problem, apply a special eyelid primer to your eyes before putting on your usual eye shadow. This will smooth the eyelid and prevent your shadow from fading after a few hours. Some concealers can also be used as a base, but be careful not to put them too close to the mucous membranes or beware of irritation.

Tip: Do you want to check that your makeup is waterproof? So test it in the shower! This will help avoid unpleasant surprises when swimming or in extreme heat.