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The main spring-summer 2021 makeup trends

Les grandes tendances maquillage printemps-été 2021

This spring, we will still have to deal with the mask but this time we were able to prepare for it. We opt for fresh and glowy makeup, no more material overload, this year we're focusing everything on the healthy glow effect. Instructions for fresh makeup.

Step 1: Glowy complexion

It's the end of flawless complexion and contouring, this year, we want freshness!

Before starting your complexion, you plump your skin by massaging it when you apply your treatment cream. Then apply a BB cream or foundation water. And for the healthy glow effect, we will favor a creamy bronzer rather than a bronzer which would overload the skin with substance. However, you can overdo the highlighter since what you want is a Glowy complexion.

Step 2: Blush makes a comeback

He's making a comeback, he's THE star of spring-summer makeup. We choose it colored and we apply it on the cheekbones but also on the bridge of the nose (big trend of draping blush). The complexion is fresh with a great boost of pep.

Step 3: Magnetic eyelashes

For the eyes, we love orange and pink colors that draw towards the sun. We don't hesitate to create halos of color with iridescent eyeshadows. The look must be luminous!

And to make the eyes stand out, apply “100% Natural +” false magnetic eyelashes which will highlight the look while remaining natural and light.