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Express evening makeup

Un maquillage de soirée express

Do you want to shine brightly in the evening but are you more of the natural type? Unaccustomed to putting on makeup, you don't know how to go about it?

Don't panic, we'll break it down for you in three simple steps:

Glitter on the eyes

We start by applying a nude-colored eyelid primer which will help set the glitter shadow. Then apply the glitter of your choice with a brush, tapping gently. We opt for light glitter to give a glossy side to your eyelids.

Magnetic false eyelashes

To be sure to have long, well-curved eyelashes, we adopt magnetic false eyelashes. They are easy to put on and will stay perfect all evening. We preferably choose the “Russian Volume” model which provides both volume and length for a spectacular result.

Complexion and lips

We apply our usual foundation, no need to overdo it, which we will enhance with a touch of peach blush for a healthy glow.

For the mouth, a light gloss or bright lipstick will brighten up your mouth and go perfectly with your eye makeup.