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Some makeup tips for busy mornings


Alarm clock failure? Want to sleep a few more minutes? So here are some tips for applying makeup quickly and efficiently.

Prepare your complexion in one step

To hydrate and unify your face in a single step, add a few drops of foundation to your moisturizer. And to hide spots, dark circles and other imperfections, apply a little concealer by tapping with a makeup sponge.

Tip: No time to contour? So apply a brush with a blush slightly darker than your skin tone, starting from the cheekbones and going up along the bone.

Forget eyeliner

Do you want to highlight your eyes effectively and quickly? Lightly press the edge of your eyelid with your mascara (with a fine brush so as not to overflow) before applying it normally. This will allow you to replace the eyeliner. You can also use magnetic false eyelashes : thanks to their magnetic base, they attach quickly without requiring glue. Perfect for getting a smoldering look in seconds!

Use tinted lip balm

To highlight your mouth, use tinted lip balm. This will hydrate your lips while adding a touch of color. This way you can skip the lipstick step: practical, right?

Focus on touch-ups

If your mornings are real races against time, there's nothing like a few touch-ups on the spot to save time. To do this, bring a small makeup bag with makeup remover wipes (to repair any smudges), a compact powder (preferably with a small mirror), a moisturizer, a lip balm and a brush.