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Tutorial: Do a nude make-up


Both sober and glamorous, nude make-up gives the impression of bare skin while perfectly highlighting your features. Discover all our tips for doing it well.

Clean the face well

Cleansing the skin is the first essential step in any makeup routine. To ensure you look healthy, clean your face with a cleansing milk and apply a decongestant eye gel to your dark circles.

Subtly work on the complexion

For the complexion, choose a low-coverage base adapted to the color of your skin. Apply a little concealer to the nose, under the eyes, chin and forehead: this will brighten your face while erasing imperfections. Complete it all with a slightly pink blush (to be applied with a brush to the cheekbones) and a touch of loose powder.

Beautify the look

For your eyes, choose a light colored shadow that you will apply all over the eyelid. Then add a touch of pink or brown shadow to the edge of the eyelashes to give depth to the eyes. And to clearly define the look, complete it all with our 100% natural false eyelashes . This will give you a doe-eyed look while still looking like you just got out of bed.

Draw the eyebrows

To work on the eyebrows, use a little powder of the same color as them. Follow the natural line of your eyebrows and add a touch of concealer underneath to really illuminate the outline.

Highlight the mouth

To complete your nude makeup, apply a little balm or gloss to your mouth. This will highlight your lips while maintaining a very natural look.